FatBat Software


Cand.Scient thesis on BOINC and Grid technology: thesis


FatBat develops bespoke applications and consults on software projects.


We have two models for development.

The first is the traditional bespoke model, where we work together with the client to deliver software tailored to their needs. The client is then the owner of the software. This is traditionally an expensive way to acquire software since it has to pay the salary of all the people working on the project.

We therefore also offer a second option, if we feel that the software could be of general interest. We will then work together with our client to create a software solution of a more general nature that still fulfills their requirements. We retain the ownership of the software, but sell the software as a normal product. The client can then buy licences for the software at retail prices.

Of the first type we have developed a laptop registration, tracking and RMA solution for a high school in Denmark that gave all their students and teachers a laptop. Some projects of the second kind can be seen on the products page.

BOINC consulting

Boinc is a public resource computing platform created by the Seti@home group. It allows one to exploit unused processor cycles on a computer. It is designed for use in public research projects, like Seti@home or MalariaControl.

It can however also be used internally in a company to turn the desktop machines into a powerful cluster. It can run all the time using spare cycles or it can be told only to use the desktops at night or during the lunch break.

FatBat has helped develop and deploy Boinc at CERN. Both as an internal project and as a public project(Lhc@home). We also worked on the MalariaControl project. Most of the system administrators and developers on the two project were trained by us.

If you are interested in learning more about what we can do for you in relation to Boinc or other Grid utilities, do not hesitate to contact us.