FatBat Software


Why should I buy?

Because it makes it possible for us to pay the bills. It is also the only way you can legally use the programs in commercial setting.

Is the free version downgraded?

No,normally it is exactly the same as the version you pay for.

Is there any copy protection?

No! We believe that it is annoying for the customer and that a determined cracker can get around it anyway.

But why should i pay then?

Because you are a decent human being. :-)


BrevBat is an instant messenger program

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FatFontBat is a font preview program

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Below are a couple of the programs we have developed for our clients.

They are free for personal non-commercial use and available for download here. If you want to use them for commercial purposes you can purchase a single seat licence here as well. It is also possible to negotiate multiple seat licences; please contact sales.


Brevbat is a messaging program that was developed for a medical practice. It sends short encrypted messages that will pop up on the recipients screen. It was modeled on WinPopup that was available in win95. It allows the secretary to send a discreet question to the doctor without interupting in the middle of an examination.

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FatFontBat is a font viewer. You enter a sentence or word and then choose a number of the fonts installed on your machine. It will then show you how the sentence will look in those fonts. This is a quick way for a designer to find the correct font for a given project.

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