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15/09 2009

FatBat has become a consulting firm specializing in distributed systems

05/09 2006

The new webpage is up.

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Welcome to Fatbat

Fatbat is a small software company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It specializes in massive distributed systems. This field has the last couple of years seen a lot of research effort as well as interest from companies and the public.

A lot of hype and buzz words, like Grid -, Volunteer -, or Cloud Computing, have surrounded and possibly obscured the concepts involved. This has been exacerbated by no real agreement on what the diffrent buzz word cover, as well as companies trying to cash in on the hype. We have written a short guide to massive distributed computing explaining the different concepts and what type of problems they are good at solving. It can be found here.

To learn more about the services we offer please visit this page.